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Introducing Demand ManagerTM for Publishers

Rubicon Project's powerful header bidding monetization solution gives the world's leading publisher's control. Built on Prebid, bundled with tools, and wrapped in service

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Built on Prebid

Stay autonomous with Prebid, the open-source standard for header bidding, Future proof for tomorrow's formats and tech.

Layered with User-Friendly Tools

Easily optimize campaigns with a combination of configuration UIs and real-time performance analytics across exchanges.

Integrated with Rubicon's Marketplace

Win access to an open, brand-safe, all inventory-type marketplace with quality private and guaranteed deals.

Wrapped in White Glove Service

Get a formidable mix of Demand Manager people and technology to improve yield and wrapper management, and more.

Revenue has increased by 10% since we implemented Demand Manager. But the biggest change is how easy it is to transact with all of our partners.

- Matt Burgess, Manager, Business Development & Programmatic Partnerships, PCH


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